The Building
Grind’s Armorer Facility (Grindhouse) is located on 1st Avenue South / South Hinds Street, Seattle, Washington. The front of the building (facing 1st Avenue South) gives no clue or indication as to what the building is being used for and looks abandoned. For mechanical reference, see page 332 of the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Core Rulebook.

Consortium 1
Close-up of the corner of 1st Avenue South / South Hinds Street. The door seen here is a main entrance (as well as a loading bay).

Consortium 4
South Hinds Street / Utah Avenue South corner.

Consortium private
Grindhouse Back/Main Entrance (3332 Utah Avenue South).

Consortium 6
South Horton Street / 3332 Utah Avenue South view of entire building and back entrance.

Consortium map
Map of the surrounding area with Grindhouse marked in red.

Consortium and Grindhouse
Aerial/Satellite Map showing the Consortium (A) in relation to the Grindhouse (B) and surrounding area.


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