Mr. White

A corporate executive


External Profile: Clever

Internal Profile: Opinionated


  • Principled (racial equality)
  • Obsessive
  • Alcoholic

Prime Motivation: Power

Person Valued Most: Hero

Most Valued Possession: 1st NuYen

Childhood Environment:

With both parents being corporate managers, Mr. White was raised in a corporate child farm (day care facility). Mr. White’s father was a human and his mother was an Elf. Mr. White’s father committed suicide when Mr. White was 14 years old, while his mother continues to be fine.

Mr. White was raised under the case of his loving mother (when not in the corporate child farm). His mother did adopt three other children
Sister (age 18) thinks favorably of Mr. White
Brother (age 14) pretty much worships Mr. White
Sister (age 11) is neutral to Mr. White


Life path

  • Age 15: During a family reunion I made a friend with a cousin whom I later discovered was an assassin
  • Age 16: A female coworker, a legally employed accountant, got on my wrong side and after I reciprocated we had a major disagreement in view of the department head. As a result we are now enemies; however, we mostly just talk shit about each other.(10BP)
  • Age 17: Started a relationship with a government official, which would last for three happy years. We meet through a common interest of combat biking. We parted amicably.
  • Age 18: I attempted to blackmail a total stranger, whom I would eventually learn was a government official. This did not go over well and I failed. He now interferes with my life attempting to make it miserable (7BP Enemy).
  • Age 19: I made a good friend, a government military marine. She, elf, is an officer and provides me with a group contact (6BP)
  • Age 20: A job went ajee when I bungled high level operation and cost the interested party 5k NuYen. A bounty is now on my head 10k NuYen.
  • Age 21: Started dating a woman this year. She was a corporate assassin and we are currently dating. I will later learn that she is an orc, as she has not yet goblinized.

Things True

  1. Is known to be a quick learner
  2. Can be a liability in combat
  3. Has made his money in the stock market, learning the hard way

Mr. White

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