Cora Masterson

"Mrs. Johnson" is well liked by almost everyone. She has been with the mini corp EVE for almost two years and has done well in her role, establishing good working relationships with her contacts.


Group Contact

Organization: Eternal Vision Engineering (EVE) – a small, but upcoming genetic research corporation.

Connection (4)
Mr. White’s contact at EVE is Cora Masterson, a low level “Mrs. Johnson” responsible for taking care of the corporation’s less reputable activities.
Membership (6): EVE currently has 1,200 active members. Mr. White has entry-level access to EVE and is recognized by security processes as a contracted employee.
Area of Influence (4): EVE currently has national influence on the corporate market. It has satellite offices in other major cities in North America.
Magical resource (1): EVE is too small to have a substantial magical resource, but there are a few individuals with Awakened abilities in the home office in Seattle.

Loyalty (5: Got Your Back)
Cora and Mr. White have a very solid working relationship. Although Cora is a “Mrs. Johnson” to the outside world, Mr. White knows her company handle and the two have a great deal of trust built between them. She will go out of her way to assist Mr. White and will even back him in risky situations..


Cora Masterson

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